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Marketing and technology work hand in hand, helping marketers make sense of our digital world.

  • Google handles over 1.2 Trillion internet searches per year
  • 74% of internet users connect with social networking sites
  • 182.9 Billion emails are sent  each day worldwide
  • Smart phone usage will reach 2 Billion worldwide this year

Technology has brought about an explosion of facts and figures that marketers need to collect, disseminate and measure to make sense of the digital world in which we live. Marketing and technology work together to create new software platforms that analyze  data and filter it into segments and actions.  Marketers feed these filtered groups into automated programs that reach customers and prospects with personalized content through multiple channels and then measure results. Technology was once the realm of IT, but now marketing departments depend on software to handle big data and break it down into manageable “bits”.

In 2012, the research and consulting firm Gartner predicted that by 2017, a company’s chief marketing officer would be spending more on technology than its chief information officer. Hence the rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist.  CMTs  are marketers with the in- depth knowledge of strategies and creative content;  with a  flare for technology and where it fits best. They also need to be leaders and tech support rolled into one. The CMT’s mission is to align marketing and technology  with business goals, and act as a liaison to the IT department.

There are hundreds of software options available for every size of business. How do you make sense of all this technology, and how do you integrate and adapt it to work with the systems you already own?  We understands how to tame the technology to work with the existing systems.  Our expertise is in making marketing and technology work for your business and help you obtain your goals. Consider us to be your outsourced Chief Marketing Technologist.

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