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The Myths about the B2B buying process.

shutterstock_382426030This article debunks 5 myths about the B2B buying cycle. In this study, the so called myths were considered facts until 2 years ago.  The fast paced nature of our profession aided by new and emerging technologies means we will constantly be debunking myths!  That said, the research makes perfect sense if we view the world around us.  There’s no denying the important role Millennials play in the research phase of the buying cycle and the influence they wield on the decision makers. The tools they use in their journey is mostly  digital and increasingly mobile.

There have been interesting shifts in B2B in the past two years. What’s changed? To find out, we surveyed B2B decision makers about their research and purchase habits. The results debunk a number of widely held beliefs and have major implications for any B2B marketer. Thanks Google

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