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Direct Mail Remarketing

Just as in the corporate world, not-for-profit site visitors will browse a website, spend some time on a page, learn more about the organization, but not make a donation. There are many reasons why they drop off: too many choices, too much competition; not sure; not the right time. […]

Direct Mail Goes Digital

Facebook, specifically Facebook Ads, is a major influencer in the direct marketer’s playbook. Over 169 million users are expected in the US by the end of this year. Using Facebook ads in conjunction with direct mail could double your return. […]

Social Media Cohort Profile

No matter what your business is, digital marketing—and social media marketing specifically—is where you can create growth and find new audiences. Some companies hold back on social media because they think it reaches only millennials. Well, it does reach millennials, but it also reaches every cohort except the very young, the blind, and the dead. Facebook is a major player… Read More »Social Media Cohort Profile

Content Neutrality From Amazon, Apple, Facebook, & Google More Important Than Net Neutrality

This post by David Meerman Scott is a great follow up to my post on Monopolies.  He writes about Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook  trying to lock users in on their island of content.  ” These companies seem to be so focused on keeping users locked into their own content technology gardens that they threaten the easy use of their products… Read More »Content Neutrality From Amazon, Apple, Facebook, & Google More Important Than Net Neutrality

The Perfect Product Video

  Video is the top rated channel for engaging your audience.  If given a choice, people will click on a short video rather than read your content.  The problem is the expense of a quality video production.  That’s in the past.  Don’t get me wrong, there is still a place for a longer, slick, expensive brand or commercial video, but… Read More »The Perfect Product Video