Based on the revolution in technology, nonprofits need to reimagine the way they communicate with donors and prospects. Based on an organization’s growth objectives or barriers to success, nonprofits and development managers need to take a deep look into the analytics. They must focus on actionable insights to determine whether an organization needs to refine, retool, redefine or reinvent itself or perhaps the way and how it communicates with its donor base.

Our Strategic “Roadmap To Success” Includes 7Steps:

  1.  Audit & Consumer Listening: We listen to what donors and prospects are saying about your brand on social media. We assess what has or has not been successful in communicating the mission.  
  2. Competition: We analyze how your competitors and their value propositions differ from your mission and how they fulfill unmet or unique donor/organizational needs vs. your content or services.
  3. SWOT Analysis: Your organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This analysis helps us find quadrants of opportunity, gaps or overlaps in the market.  We determine what market space your organization can own.
  4. Target Audience Identification and/or Profiling:We gain deeper knowledge of motivations, rational and emotional needs to determine the ability for your organization to reach more prospects who are like your best donors or find new pockets of donors you may be missing. 
  5. The Positioning Statement(s): We create statements that articulate your organization’s key competitive difference and/or what unmet donor  need it fulfills. All future communications drive off this critical point of differentiation.
  6. The Value Messaging Architecture: We develop your nonprofit’s promise to the cause and its key distinguishing value claims. It also articulates key message support with emotional and rational reasons to believe.
  7. Program Definition & Deliverable: We create recommendations to achieve the stated mission objective(s). Based on insights from the analysis, we will identify solutions or opportunities,  communications programs, advertising improvements or organizational efficiencies needed making specific recommendations in an in-person resentation.