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  • Be Consistent With the Number of Texts You Send

    One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when using SMS is not sending messages consistently enough.

  • Consider Adding an Element of Exclusivity

    Here’s a hint–they’re giving you access to the most direct and personal way to reach them. So, successful campaigns offer value to their subscribers in return.

  • Make Sure You’re Responsive

    By offering a text messaging service, you’re committing to a platform of communication that delivers messages instantly.  20% of people read a text message within one minute of receiving it.

  • Incorporate Personalization Into Your Strategy

    SMS marketing is unique because it has the ease of a mass marketing campaign with the advantage of providing the feel of one-on-one communication.

  • You Need to Obtain Consent

    The absolute first step in any text message marketing campaign is to obtain express written consent. In the SMS world, consent is just a way of saying someone has knowingly agreed to receive promotional texts from your business.

  • Watch the Frequency of Your Texts

    While some might advise against texting “too much,” instead, we urge you to avoid texting more than your subscribers expect.

  • Add in Necessary Disclaimers

    In a time before smartphones, the fear that “text message and data rates may apply” was all too real. Now, there are so many unlimited data and texting plans that your subscribers are unlikely ever to receive charges for your texts.

  • Provide Subscribers With a Clear Way to Opt-Out

    We believe that all your text messages will be top-notch, but there’s no guarantee that everyone will always feel the same. To keep everyone happy with your brand, you must let your subscribers know they can unsubscribe whenever they want.

  • Get Your Timing Right

  • Picture this: it’s 9 p.m., you’re in your sweats curled up with an ice cream cone and a bingeable Netflix series imaginable all queued up. The last thing you want is your phone lighting up with a text about a promotion on car insurance premiums.

  • Watch Your Language

    With a typical SMS message, you have around 160 characters per text message. You might feel the need to shorten some words or throw in a little textese to save space.

    • Focus on Bringing Value to the Table

    One of the keys to success touched on earlier was the idea of exclusivity. Expanding on this concept is the principle that you must make every text worthwhile.


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