Social Media

Social Media has exploded into a major channel for business marketing in the last few years. Marketer use the channel for online advertising and for spreading content. The field keeps growing with new entries as the young millennials seek new and different  programs to participate in.  When a hot property starts to attract the next generation and then the Boomers, the young millennials leave the the property and pick up on the next big offering.  I hear it all time.  My younger children no longer want to be on Facebook.  They say too many “old people” are using it. So they move to Instagram and now Snapchat. These channels start out as purely free and very social, but eventually they all have to earn revenue which means attracting business to pay for advertising.  Businesses like what social has to offer when it comes to segmentation.  The format is self sign up with a short profile of yourself.  So even if the user bends the truth when signing up, they are aspiring to be someone else and will likely make purchases on their perceptions. In reality, they are actually segmenting themselves.  When business buy space on an app, they are able to choose their segments.   Like everyone else in the world, the young grow older and these new channels stay viable and become major source of inbound marketing if we use them correctly, spreading excellent content throughout the internet.