Creative is a very broad term.  It’s defined as: “relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.”  In the agency world, creative is usually the format or design of the vehicle that carries the message.  The design of a website, a digital ad or a printed brochure, the design pulls it together.  

The creative team’s responsibility is to catch the attention of the reader and to keep the reader on page as long as possible. They must create segmentation within a design to single out important content; such as a call to action, or a new idea.  Additionally, the design and concept is the glue that holds a strategy together and creates unity within a multilevel campaign.

Creative is an art and a science. Using colors and layout, creative forms a concept that is pleasing to the eye and arranges content in a format that flows evenly and is easy to follow, which is paramount in the art of persuading a reader to engage. But’s it more; a good creative evokes the use of color and design to affect the parts of the brain that influence decisions. Neuroscience has been studying the effects of color and design on the brain for years. There are thousands of experiments using electronic technology that measures the brains response to different creative stimuli. The Digital Marketing Shop is tuned into Neuromarketing, giving us the opportunity to disseminate the research and incorporate the conclusions into a campaign’s creative, making it a very effective tool for engagement and conversion.

Creative that is Innovative and Malleable

Why is this important to you?  Because our creative is innovative and malleable which allows The Digital Marketing Shop to perform at a higher level. When strategy and creative is innovative, the outcome is high visibility and powerful persuasion. But the creative is just a step in the process of moving the needle. It’s like creating a great sauce that adds and defines to the flavor of a dish.

The Digital Marketing Shop is a virtual agency, which allows us to work with the best creative minds around the country and the world. We have no borders or need to apply our “style” to your work. The result is a campaign that delivers on our promise…to engage and convert.  Creative works in tandem with strategy, data and content to define the message.