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Our Focus

Marketing for the 21 Century

Based on the revolution in technology, companies need to reimagine the way they sell and communicate with customers and prospects.


Creative’s responsibility is to catch the attention of the reader and to keep the reader on page as long as possible.


Data is the driving force that shapes strategy and design for campaigns to stay relevant. But data can be overwhelming without the proper guidance.


Our clients and prospects don’t want to be sold.They want to buy, so we need to able to inform them, educate them and help them make the choice to buy.

Fundraising & Marketing

According to recent estimates, there are over three million NGO nonprofits in the world with 1.2 million in this country alone.That’s a lot of competition to beat out and get your fair share of donors and funding.

About us

The Digital Marketing Shop: A Virtual Agency For The 21st century
Technology, Creativity and Data Science Moves the Markets

The Digital Marketing Shop is a Virtual Agency built to deliver Big Agency Thinking; Big Agency Creative; Big Agency Data Analytics... Without The Big Agency. We are all aware of the pressure organizations are under to streamline and become more cost efficient. Big agencies have been buckling under the weight of massive overhead and told by clients, both global and domestic, to find efficiencies. We did! The new “gig” economy has absorbed many who have left the big global agencies. We weren’t the first pioneers in the virtual work world, but we saw firsthand the many benefits to our clients and our teams by going this route. Our virtual staff is hands on with every project, supervising and quality controlling every aspect. We go to client meetings, make presentations and do creative briefs, but because our overhead is low, we don’t charge like an agency using senior staff. Our clients get industry veterans with an extensive knowledge of the old way, the new way, and the way of the future. Technology made a virtual agency possible and will make many new and uncharted processes and strategies possible in the future. We spend the time and energy to become experts in technology and use it for innovation.

  • Strategy

    Development and Implementation

  • Creative

    Graphic and Digital Design

  • Data

    Management and Development

  • Analytics

    Measurement and Applications

our team

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Rick Levy
Rick Levy
Founder and Chief Marketing Officer
I focus on how technology and innovation will help marketers and clients dive deeper in their data and create personalized content that powers higher responses. 35 years in the business of direct marketing for corporations and nonprofits has taught me a few things!
Beverly Beaudoin
Beverly Beaudoin
Chief Strategist
Beverly has a passion for helping B2B and B2C businesses solve their most pressing marketing issues. She focuses on innovative digital strategies and campaigns that are designed to take advantage of marketplace opportunities; solving problems and reaching the goals and objectives of the business.
Dan Affeldt
Dan Affeldt
Chief Data Scientist
Dan’s world is data and all that it means to a data driven economy. Data gives us insight and direction, but data is only numbers without someone to interpret, measure and report and give meaning. Dan has helped many companies, large and small make sense of the numbers and grow by setting goals and measuring success.
Jay Burke
Jay Burke
Chief Web Developer
Jay has a unique combination of software development and professional skills. He has the required complex problem solving, advanced UI design/developmental skills needed to make a smooth transition when developing and upgrading web programs and strategies. He is an asset to any web team.
Eric Schwartz
Eric Schwartz
Art Director
Creativity and understanding are the cornerstones of an art director that can interpret and execute complex client objectives. Multi disciplined in both graphic arts and web design, Eric is consummate creative professional.

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