How high is Up?

By definition, marketing is a process that is constantly moving.  Understanding this, TDMS has the experience and resources required to routinely deploy the diverse & proven analytical skills critical for every step in the design, development, deployment, nurture, and post project evaluation process.



  • Plan uniquely for each project
  • Define key performance indicators
  • Monitor the vital signs revealed by those indicators
  • Start at the very beginning of project
  • Track the funnel
  • Track response to conversion
  • ID and develop contingency plans to leverage real time opportunities for tune-ups and improvements at critical points in the process from response generation to successful conversion

In today’s experience economy, organizations and brands are driven by data. This data enables them to deliver experiences donors want and meet member’s expectations.

Your database should be:
  1. Flexible; Provide the ability to simply enter, store and retrieve information
  2. Integrated: making disparate systems work together
  3. Critical: Make it difficult to enter invalid or inconsistent data
  4. Organized; minimize chance of errors both  inbound and outbound
  5. Fast; quickly and concisely returning the data you need, in a form that is functional and effective for you
  6. Designed For Users; You do not have to “re-design” yourself to fit the technology
  7. Redundant: Support multiple copies on different machines in case of a hardware failure
  8. Cloned designed such that if there are multiple copies of the database, they will stay consistent with each other, when you write to one the others need to be instantly written to as well
  9. Secure; Access is granted on need to know/need to do basis
  10. Cost Effective: enable ability to clearly assess total database costs (including licenses, updates, miscellaneous software fees, staff time, connectivity/remote access,) to determine ROI vs. insight deliver


It’s a science that brings to life the people in a market segment.