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The starting point of a successful fundraising campaign is strategy. After a granular analysis of the data provided by previous campaigns, the outline of a strategy starts to gel.


Data drives the worlds economy and it drives organization large and small. With good data and analysis, your organization can grow and sustain donations.


Design and layout are involved in every aspect of a fundraising campaign. The power to persuade and engage rests in the brain


Every organization produces mounds of data. Analyzing, measuring and scoring data is the key to meeting goals and objectives

About the company

The Digital Marketing Shop was founded by agency veterans Rick Levy and Beverly Beaudoin in January 2018. The duo are direct marketing experts steeped in digital innovation that will transform the way organizations do business.  They are hands on principals who “get it right the first time” on strategy and budget. With the recent addition of Dan Affeldt, our Chief Data Scientist, more targeted acquisition and deeper donor engagement is led by smart analysis, data mining and the deployment of clean data. With budgets tight, our virtual shop wrings out efficiencies that we pass on to our clients.  Through the use of a stable of vetted freelancers across all areas of agency expertise, and our low overhead, The Digital Marketing Shop cuts the red tape and saves time and money. Some strategies change and some don’t.  We believe testing is still paramount; creating market pilots that grow organizations cost effectively.

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