The Virtual Agency

The Gig Economy

We are all aware of the pressures nonprofits are under to streamline and become more cost efficient.  Big agencies have been buckling under the weight of massive overhead and told by clients, both global and domestic, to find efficiencies.

The new “gig” economy has absorbed many who have left the big global agencies. We weren’t the first pioneers in the virtual work world, but we saw firsthand the many benefits to our clients and our teams by going this route.

Technology, innovation and other forces are disrupting and undermining business and strategic models with alarming speed.  More than ever companies need top-of-the-line thinking by the strategists who can paint the visions of the future and the technologists who create the solutions.

Our virtual staff is hands on with every project, supervising and quality controlling every aspect. Because our overhead is low, we don’t charge like an agency using senior staff.  Our clients get industry veterans with an extensive knowledge of the old way, the new way, and the way of the future. Technology made a virtual agency possible and with make many new and uncharted processes and strategies possible in the future. 

Strategic Thinking

When your current approach isn’t working, how do you uncover the opportunities for innovation? How do you determine innovative strategies that won’t disrupt but sustain your organization and take it to the next level of growth? We don’t ask a lot of questions, we just ask the right questions.


Engaging creative that let’s you realize and deliver the experience your customers want when they want it helps generate  long lasting donor loyalty.  Our creative teams bring a wealth of expertise from a diverse portfolio of industry and not-for-profit.  They know how to create campaigns incorporating pivotal moments that are not only relevant to their audience but drive donor action and engagement. 


Our analytics expertise and processes tie it all together providing the actionable insights your campaigns require enabling you to meet your business objectives.  We don’t collect and analyze data for data’s sake, but rather the right data that leads to actionable insights that leads to better business outcomes.

The Benefits of A Virtual Agency

If you look at the benefits of working virtually, you can understand how the model provides a high level of creativity and connectivity.  A virtual agency can hire the best specialists anywhere in the world.  With conference calling and screen-sharing, all the players are gathered in one virtual room to throw out ideas and work out the fine points of a strategy or campaign. When necessary, the client can be tied-in for a presentation using screenshare and file sharing.  Our virtual staff works within the confines of a schedule, but they can work when they are most productive, which has been proven to produce superior work.

Six Reasons to Hire a Virtual Agency

  1. Big agency thinking, creative and analytics without the big agency infrastructure and big agency costs.
  2. Competitive rates. You are charged only for work performed by those performing it. The rate structure is based on efficiency and performance without the big agency overhead.
  3. High level of communication. Working remotely but on the same page.  We believe in a high level of communications.  Whether by email, video conferencing or, yes, in person when it’s called for, you are connected day or night. 
  4. Less red tape and barriers. Many of the barriers are removed which give clients full access and transparency into the inner workings of campaigns. saving time and resources.
  5. Your hours arent typical. Neither are ours.  9 to 5 or 5 to 9.  We do what it takes to get the job done. For virtual agencies, the workday is predicated on client need.
  6. Results are more important than appearances. You always get the A team who put their decades long careers and deep experience to work for you.  No reinventing the wheel.  Best practices is in our DNA. No fancy offices. Just a focus on achieving and exceeding your objectives. 
We are omni-channel experts experienced in developing highly integrated
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