April 11, 2016

Content Marketing

Content creation

Technology has enabled data mining to dig deep into data and provide a foundation for personalized communication and content for each market segment.  Content marketing is the tool we use to converse with customers and prospects, motivating them to interact with our brand.  New software platforms enable marketers to take a look at buying behavior and social interests mapping a trail that connects in the buyers journey. Data scientists give us the segmentation and behavioral clues, but it’s up to the content writer to turn these insights into a story that creates an emotional bond with the buyer and influence his/her decision.

One of the goals of content marketing is to have our content lend itself to sharing.  When our content is sharable, it’s entertaining and unique.  It has to be an ongoing conversation that addresses each channel and each stage of the buyer’s journey in order to be productive.

Our clients and prospects don’t want to be sold to. They want to buy, so we need to able to inform them, educate them and help them make the choice to buy. That requires a lot of content. It is difficult for small and medium size business to create this ongoing conversation. Using an agency to create and curate content is the best choice to provide engaging content.