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What makes Digital Marketing Work

Digital Marketing

A recent survey found that digital marketing has the largest piece of the marketing pie.

Video Marketing

Video marketing has penetrated every corner of digital marketing. Surveys show visitors would rather what a video than read content. 74% of “C” level exectives watch video and pass them on to subordinates.

Content Marketing

Marketers in the 21 century are publishers, writing content that educates, engages and converts customers.


What good is a fabulous looking website if no one can find it? A good SEO strategy will make your website visible to searchers.

Social Media

Social Media has become a major component of digital marketing and customer acquisition.

Web Development

Websites garnered the largest part of the marketing budget in 2015, topping $73 billion.


This infographic describes the steps and process of marketing automation

About Us

Digital Marketing Services Provides Inbound and Outbound Marketing Campaigns
Technology and Art create insight and powerful relevant marketing

The Digital Marketing Shop specializes in inbound and outbound digital marketing and customer acquisition. We build programs that target, engage, nurture, score and analyze the activity in your market. Your websites is the single most important asset you have in attracting new customers and delighting them. We are expert in web development, SEO and SEM for existing website and new websites. The Digital Marketing Shop is focused on marketing technology and automation that will fit most budgets and levels the playing field between your larger rivals and your market. We bridge the gap between technology and marketing content and creativity.

  • Video Marketing

    Creative and Production

  • Web Development

    SEO, SEM and Mobile

  • Marketing Content

    Content makes the difference between success and failure

  • Social Media

    Essential for business of all sizes


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Rick Levy

Founder and Chief Marketing Technology Office
Rick has spent 30 years in marketing watching trends in technology. He can match up marketing technology with legacy systems and fit platforms to meet budgets.
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Beverly Boudion

Chief Strategic Officer
Beverly has a passion for helping B2B and B2C companies solve their most pressing business or marketing issues. She focuses on innovative digital strategies and campaigns that are designed to improve the customer experience and reach the goals and objectives of the brand.
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Kerrie Levy

General Manager
Kerrie’s experience in managing projects and clients expectations are the foundations of her ability to manage the day to day operations.
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Eitan Amiel

Web Development and Emerging Technologies
Eitan focus on the strategies and technologies that connect keywords searches with brand websites and landing pages.
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Stacie Blair

Social Media Manager
Stacie has studied social media since it’s infancy. She knows what works when it come to promoting brands and managing their PR.
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Maytal Gold

Art Director
Maytal has a special relationship with copy and design. She can tell a story that captures the essence of motivating a person to engage with content and appealing to all senses.

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