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Direct Mail Goes Digital


Facebook, specifically Facebook Ads,  is a major influencer in the direct marketer’s playbook. Over 169 million users are expected in the US by the end of this year. Using Facebook ads in conjunction with direct mail could double your return.

Here’s how it works.

First, we print and mail your direct mail offer to the people in your mail list. Then, the list and the direct mail creative are uploaded to the Facebook Ad program.  Facebook sends it to the news feeds of people in your list that are also members of Facebook. For example, if Dick is on your list but not a Facebook user, he will only see your direct mail piece. But Austin and Emma are on both lists and will see your creative in the mail box and in their news feed. With Facebook Ads, you can make your call to action clickable, sending them to a landing page. That makes your direct mail digital.

Why  Facebook Ads?

  • Worlds largest social media platform
  • Segmentation based on demographics, psychographics and behavior
  • Ability to upload email and postal lists
  • Increase your reach with look-a-like audiences
  • Full analytics

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