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Video for B2B Marketing

Why your explainer video matters to your B2B customers.

If you aren’t doing video for your company you are missing out on a great sales and marketing tool. Especially explainer videos. They are short, shareable and fairly easy to produce.  Alexander Kesler posted a great piece on getting started.

Explainer videos are an essential asset for B2B marketers. Columnist Alexander Kesler shares tips for crafting powerful explainer videos that will bring your brand higher conversions.

Video is on the way to becoming one of the most effective means of communication with your B2B customers.

In 2016, the B2B industry saw video marketing become a serious game-changer. Video’s power lies in the fact that it can attract and retain the attention of potential buyers by immersing them in a visual or interactive story. Our brains love storytelling; narratives engage us deeply and can make us relive them in our imagination.

Even though some B2B marketers may be still cautious about using video, data shows they shouldn’t be: 54 percent of senior executives share work-related videos with co-workers every week, which illustrates video’s solid place in B2B communication.

Among the different video formats that you can produce, your explainer video is the top priority. This is a short clip between 30 and 90 seconds that gives a succinct and appealing description of your product or service. It can be used across all of your online channels.

An explainer video is a winning marketing asset; you should not delay in creating one. It can give your potential customers a quick and powerful overview of how your brand can help make their lives better.

Let’s look at the reasons why so many B2B brands are crafting explainer videos and evaluate what yours should do to make a strong impact.

Deliver a clear and powerful message

Why are explainer videos so effective in reaching your B2B customers? One key differentiator is that they can win people’s attention in less than a minute.

An explainer video’s goal is to offer your customers an easy-to-digest message, paired with visual explanations via animations or motion graphics. Videos grab attention and facilitate understanding. They are even more helpful if you’re offering a complex or highly technical product or service.

A succinct explainer video should deliver a straightforward message that describes what you do, without getting bogged down in details. Sixty seconds of video should allow for about 145 words, which means you must be truly concise in crafting your message. The time limit of 30 to 90 seconds helps you focus on the most important information.

One of the missions of your explainer video must be to answer your audience’s questions before they have even asked them. It can even help save resources by cutting down potential back-and-forth with prospects proactively.

Start with the overall concept. Begin by formulating the problem that your business is solving for your customers. After that, you need to identify the unique value proposition to communicate through the video. Finally, shape this into an attractive and meaningful script.

If you have copywriting and video talent in-house, this could be a great project for them. If you don’t, look for help from professionals. They can assist you in identifying your key message so that your potential customers quickly understand your offer and its added value. The explainer video is probably the first content this audience will see from you, and first impressions matter.

Build a consistent brand image

Another reason for creating an outstanding explainer video is that it can immensely help your branding. Your leads have multiple points of contact with your business, from your website and social media to your sales and support staff. While these communication channels may already be aligned, a consistent and powerful video can further develop your brand’s image. It can also help set a clear branding style and tone in case there are discrepancies.

An explainer video can unify your messaging and deliver coherent information to your potential and current customers. Instead of turning it into a demo of your product or services, you can use video to focus on the benefits that your buyers receive by working with you.

The exact messaging, language and visuals in the explainer video should be based on your business’s branding. From word choice and value proposition to visual elements and story line, every detail should be in alignment with the image you are communicating across all channels. That’s how you help your customers recognize your distinct style and start associating the values you embrace with your brand.

Pay special attention to the call to action (CTA) in your explainer video. This statement should cue your audience what their next step should be. It should be easy to understand, human and relatable. If you want people to check out a free trial, read a white paper you have crafted or get in touch with your sales personnel, the CTA is the place to clearly communicate this.

Stand out from the crowd

Your explainer video needs to be remarkable if it’s to serve as a branding and differentiating tool.

You can choose among a number of approaches when creating your video to make it memorable. Some of the most popular and effective options include cartoon style or animated character videos, whiteboard animation, motion graphics, stop-motion and 3D animation.

Animated characters are great for humanizing your brand and making it approachable. Whiteboard videos are useful for explaining complicated concepts by visualizing them in a simple form. If you need to communicate abstract ideas, motion graphics and 3D animation are effective. Stop-motion animation is an elaborate approach typically used in the creative fields.

There are myriad video production options that you can explore, including typography, screencasts and live action. Your video partner should be able to advise you on what’s the best approach for your brand’s idea based on the concise idea and script concept you prepare.

Don’t forget about the video voiceover. The narrative of the story should flow naturally. It’s best to hire professional voiceover talent with experience in explainer videos. Make sure that the tone matches your overall branding and the purpose of the video. But also, try to keep it fresh and engaging, so that 60 seconds doesn’t seem like an eternity for your audience.

Besides the production style, there are additional ways you can boost the effect of your explainer video. The most important tip is to talk about an easily relatable problem and make it seamless for people to understand your point. You can achieve this by using humor (but only when it makes sense) and shaping the story in a witty and engaging way.

Then you also need to make sure you spend enough resources on the distribution of your video. Just publishing it on your website is not enough. You should share it on your social media channels, include it in your email signature and send it to your email list. The purpose is to make customers notice and engage with your video.

Start crafting your exceptional explainer video

Making a powerful explainer video certainly takes effort, but it can bring results for your brand in the form of higher conversions. It’s an essential element of any B2B marketing mix today.

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