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Are you ready to make a commitment to video content marketing?

By the year 2019, 80% of the content that buyers consume online will be video/visual-based.

You may understand the potential that video offers but have no clear idea how to get started.  You’re not alone. There are many barriers to entry but there are just as many solutions available to help you jump start your marketing program.

No experience?

I understand.  You may not know anything about producing, styling, editing and promoting your video.  It’s a daunting task.  Don’t let it stop you.  There are companies and consultants who can help you get your arms around producing a content-rich video that engages with potential buyers.

An easy first step is to produce an explainer video.  You can learn more about this type of video in my May 3rd post.  It’s easy to plan and script, and can be used in emails and on websites, landing pages and social media.

Too expensive?

A fully stylized location video can be expensive, too expensive for an SMB.  However, you don’t need to go overboard with a Hollywood production to make an impact.  Your strategy should be to inform, create and deliver relevant content that relates to the various points in the buyer’s journey.  It can all be done on a relatively small budget.  There are many agencies and consultants that can help you make this type of video a reality.

Don’t have a strategy?


Maybe it’s because you’re not sure where to start, and you don’t have a defined strategy for using videos in your marketing and sales efforts. Maybe you don’t know the basics of shooting, editing or publishing videos; or maybe you don’t comprehend how to work videos into an overall marketing strategy.  There are small and large video agencies that can help you break down the barriers.  Moreover, with video, you are not spending money in the dark.  It’s digital so you can analyze your videos and measure their effectiveness and your return on investment (ROI).

Your content isn’t suited for video?

Any business can create video content that explains, clarifies and educates buyers. Remember, 90% of online shoppers have claimed that video has helped them make a purchase.  Audiences are 10 times more likely to engage with your videos when compared to traditional blog posts. When the word ‘video’ is in the subject line of an email, it increases opening rates by 19% and click-throughs by 65%.  Can you really afford not to get started?

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